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Degreaser PKO

Degreaser PKO

Product introduction The oil remover PKO can effectively remove the oil agent on the spandex, has excellent emulsifying ability, stable emulsifying ability, and has the function of preventing the removed oil from touching the cloth surface again. 报错 笔记

Product characteristics (1) In aqueous solution, it has strong emulsification and removal ability for drawing oil, spandex oil and other oil agents, mineral oil and ester oil; (2) It also has strong degreasing effect at low temperature. (3) Environmental protection products, no organic chlorine solvents, no nitrogen and phosphorus; (4) The odor is very low and the pollution to water is very low; (5) It can be used in mechanical equipment and liquid can be used in quantitative feeding system; (6) It can be used in jet dyeing machine and continuous process; (7) It can be used for various fibers;

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performance index

Appearance: microemulsion white liquid

Ionic: nonionic

PH value (10% aqueous solution): neutral

Soluble: easily soluble in cold water

Stability: there will be no problem with acid, alkali and hard water of general concentration

Compatibility: compatible with cationic, anionic and non-ionic products

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