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Wet rubbing fastness improver A3

Wet rubbing fastness improver A3

Product introduction It is used to improve the wet rubbing fastness of fibers and fabrics. For a long time, people have been concerned that the wet rubbing fastness of vulcanized dyes, direct dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, disperse dyes and coatings or printed fabrics can not meet the requirements of customers. Longqi is particularly prominent when reactive dyes are used for cellulose fibers to dye dark colors (more than 7% o.w.f), Because there is a considerable amount of unfixed dye. Although color fixing with color fixing agent after dyeing can be improved to a certain extent, color fixing agents with good color fixing effect and high rubbing fastness have a great impact on the color light of dyes, and the wet rubbing fastness can rarely reach grade 3. Therefore, our company has developed a rubbing fastness improver A3, which can improve the wet rubbing fastness of dyes with direct dyes, reactive dyes and acid dyes, and has basically no effect on the color light of dyes. The light

Product characteristics (1) It can significantly improve the dry and wet rubbing fastness of dyed fabrics; (2) It has no effect on the color light and hand feel of the finished fabric, and can be treated by pad dyeing and dip dyeing; (3) Low dosage, good washing resistance, and improved washing fastness to some kinds of dyes; (4) It can be used in the same bath with non-ionic or cationic softeners.

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Appearance: colorless or yellowish viscous liquid

Ionic: weak cationic (potential 2-3)

Main ingredients: high molecular polymer (polyether aqueous compound)

PH value: 5.0-6.0

Compatibility: can be used with non-ionic and cationic substances

Storage stability: it can be stored in a closed container at 20 ℃ for at least half a year without freezing (- 4 ℃) or heat (50 ℃)


Environmental Science / toxicology: general health and safety rules for chemical operation shall be observed during storage, handling and use

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