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Fluorine containing waterproof agent

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Fluorine containing waterproof agent is to implant particles with a size of about 100 nm into the surface layer and accessible area of fiber and fabric by chemical means, and fix the double hydrophobic nano material on the fiber and its reachable range by using the three-dimensional network structure. Because the double hydrophobic nano material has water, oil and dirt repellent material, particles can form a uniform The protection mechanism with extremely small gap (100 nm scale) is very similar to the unique structure of the lotus leaf surface in nature, which greatly improves the specific surface area of the object surface in contact with foreign substances, making it difficult for water droplets, dust, bacteria, stains and oil droplets to enter the fiber and fabric through the gap at normal temperature and pressure, Thus, it produces a special surface effect - Nano treatment effect, that is, waterproof, oil and antifouling effect.

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