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High efficiency refining penetrant RDA

High efficiency refining penetrant RDA

Field of use The alkali resistant refining penetrant with low foam and high concentration is suitable for the refining and bleaching process of cotton, hemp, chemical fiber and regenerated cellulose fiber fabrics. It has strong penetration and emulsification ability, especially suitable for low-temperature cold pile process and continuous rolling, cooking and bleaching process of pure cotton fabrics. The treated fabric is even and white, and the dyeing effect is consistent.

Product characteristics (1) It is especially suitable for low temperature cold pile process and continuous cooking and bleaching process of pure cotton fabric (2) High emulsification and penetration, which can effectively improve the whiteness and wool effect of the fabric after scouring and bleaching, and prevent the occurrence of dyed flowers (3) Good alkali resistance, strong alkali resistance (25, 130g / L caustic soda tablets or 16 ° be 'caustic soda; 85 (80 g / L caustic soda tablet or 11 ° be 'caustic soda) (4) Oxidation and reduction resistant bleach (5) High permeability and excellent cleaning effect (6) Good washing and dirt suspension performance (7) It is non-toxic to enzymes and easy to clean

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performance index

Appearance: yellowish paste product

Ionic: negative / non-ionic.

PH value: 7.0-7.5

Specific gravity: 1.07g/cm3 at 20 ℃

Solubility: soluble in water at room temperature; Easy to dissolve in 30-40 ℃ warm water

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